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12/07/14, Daniel

Well fuck, it's been ages since I've posted anything. I mean, you should have expected this given the title of the blog, but still. I've been pretty busy over the past few months since I've last posted (holy shit, half a year already). Over that time I basically finished my internship. My boss said he'd offer me some contract work, but that hasn't really happened as he seems pretty busy with some app and a kickstarter clone and I'm busy making a game and learning math. The summer was generally unremarkable from a blogging standpoint, at least looking back at it after almost a quarter of schooling. I worked, I went home and hung out with my girlfriend, occasionally programming at home when I had free time away from my two full-time jobs. I usually just worked on the aforementioned game that I will shed no more details on for an in-depth post later on.

This quarter in school was an interesting one, I thought it would just be my relaxation quarter. Really just a nice way of saying I couldn't get into any of the classes I wanted too, so the only classes I had were GEs. I ended up swapping out of a music class to take a math class I probably should have been taking anyways. That being said, this quarter really wasn't very stressful, I reliably procrastinated doing math homework, so that resulted in some all too familiar near-midnight math cramming. I'm also taking a history class, where I waited till the last minute to write a few surprisingly good papers. Given the results I'm not even sure if my procrastination for papers is accidental, they sure do give my grade a boost. Also I'm taking a network class, more for fun than anything else. It sure is a nice change of pace from the other two. A good teacher doesn't hurt much either.

Aside from school, I've been working on quite a variety of different programming this as well. I've started learning C++, which as it turns out is pretty fun to program in. I really like the level of control and customization it gives you. The only problem with learning C++ is that I can't get any of the compilers to work on my windows 7 machine, my main desktop. In order to learn the language I had to SSH on to my school's server, write the programs using vim, and then compile them using the g++ compiler. It was certainly a retro experience, the whole thing made me feel as if I was going back in time a good decade. Another programming experience that brought me back to the past was deciding to learn WebGL, a decision I'm still trying to find the origin of. 3D programming is still kind of weird to me. My only previous experience with 3D was a one night stand with the unity engine that resulted in a barebones FPS like experience that you can find here. WebGL is much different, much harder, and strangely compelling. So far I'm just getting into texture mapping, so don't expect anything amazing coming soon, but you can see the 3D rotating chest I made here and some ps1 looking triangles here.

Anyways that's enough for now. I'll try to remember to post more sometime soon in the next week. Finals are coming, so it might have to wait for a while, but hopefully I will (for once) be on time.


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