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06/26/14, Daniel

Well, It's been a while since I've posted anything, but if you can't tell by the title, the last couple of weeks have been extremely busy. I finished all of my finals and did about as well as I expected, moved out of school to back home in Southern California, and got an internship making websites for a bunch of companies.

All of these changes have resulted in me having very little free time, and even less free time in front of a computer without work to do. This is why I've been more or less absent from the blog since the last post. On the bright side, the internship is doing wonders for my web-dev portfolio, so the next thing I work on this site will definitely have more info about the site's I've worked on (excluding some rather sketchy personal ones *cough cough). We use a WordPress theme using the bootstrap framework, so everything looks nice and professional. It's the first time I've worked with WordPress, and I have to say, as much as I hate the ideals of using a CMS, it does make creating websites much easier and faster. I usually hate using programs for making websites because it takes away control from more tech-friendly people such as myself, but after using WordPress for a few weeks I can safely say that my assumption was completely correct. One example was for one of our sites, we had a top ten list with links to modals explaining each list item. WordPress automatically formatted the modals and added in some text with the assumption they were being used for projects instead of products. In order to literally change one word, I had to sift through all of the files in WordPress for one small string of text. It's just way too much effort to change one word in the website. Needless to say, I'm definitely not going to do any serious work in WordPress unless it's completely front-end work.

On the positive side, working with the front end has significantly increased my skill with CSS. Unfortunately the way that I designed this particular website makes it so it's on the more time consuming side to change the way that the CSS is formatted, and the changes are mostly just timesaving things anyways, so I'm just gonna keep this site the way it is.

Also something cool that I did right before finals was a cool little chat program that I made to test my AJAX skills. If you want to chat with people, you can find that here. AJAX is a pretty cool thing to work with, so I'm definitely going to work more with that soon, maybe make a game of some sort.

Speaking of game, yeah, I really haven't had any spare time to get started on that, but if I get an extended amount of free time, I may actually begin to make something for the first time in forever.

Anyway, I have work to do so I better get going. So until then.



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