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Less Lorem Ipsum!

05/31/14, Daniel

Woo! Finally got the posting system in order after working on other things for a few weeks, resulting in the amount of Lorem Ipsum on the front page decreasing by a whopping 50%! Now for an actual introduction to what this website is and what I plan on doing on/to it. For those who don't know, my name is Daniel/danman113/"whatever other alias I go by", and I'm a web developer/programmer. Thankfully, almost everything I make can be shared on the web thanks to new technologies. The reason I made this website was mostly practice, the old website I made had a pretty archaic system of posting news that involved me editing a JavaScript file and manually formatting it. With this website I have a user-based system that has a nifty page, complete with editor, for making new post! Now I can make blog post wherever I am, even on my phone! Speaking of my phone, that was another excuse to make this website! Up until this point, almost all of my websites worked terribly on phones. With some updated metadata and a nice, scalable interface, I'm proud to say that this website works well at almost all resolutions!

Another cool thing that I built into the site is a nifty auto-formatting system. As you can see, the beginning of each paragraph is indented, and there is a nice space in between paragraphs. This takes almost no effort on my part and I feel like the results look pretty nice! Another cool feature of the news system is that all of the news posts can be viewed individually via the Blogview Page, or you can view the latest news posts at the Blog Page as well as on the main page.

Finally, there are definitely several things that I'm going to be adding in the coming weeks. Firstly, I definitely need to add a detailed search system to search through the all of the news posts, as I plan on making a lot of them. Another thing that I can't wait to add is a user-comment system. This way, I can actually recieve feedback on various aspects of the website. Alas, summer is coming, and I have finals coming up pretty soon, so it may take a few weeks to implement these things. Speaking of finals, I should probably get to studying, so until next time.



06/03/14, Dudebro

Wow, what a good post!

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